Nomyx V1.0 will be out for Christmas!

Published on December 18, 2016

…Or a liiiiittle bit after. OK, maybe in the beginning of January. Nomyx has undergone a long transition period, with lots of new features and changes but no official releases. In the mean-time, you can already play with Nomyx by installing it from github on your computer.

The main design goal for Nomyx V1.0 is to allow players with no knowledge of Haskell to play. Nomyx V1.0 will contain:

Here are some previews of the GUI:

Main page

The main page allows to see the description of the game, and the list of players.

The rules

The “Rules” page shows the rules that are currently active, pending and deleted. The active rules are like the constitution of a country: all subsequent actions must comply with them!


The Input/Ouput panel shows a sum up of the IOs and possible interactions for each rules.

The library

The library proposes a selection of ready-made rules. You can modify them and create new ones. When you are ready, you can submit them in the main game.

Internally, the game has been entierely refactored. I created a new Complex Event Processing library especially for Nomyx. This CEP engine allows the rules to have effects (such as interacting with the players) at any time during the game.

I hope this version will be fun!