With the following link, you can download the save file of the game. This allows you to load it in a local instance of the game.
This way, you will be able to compose and test the effects of your new rules locally, without affecting the online game. 
The procedure is: 
$> cabal install Nomyx 
$> Nomyx -r <save file name>
get save file

In the following form you can upload your file containing custom rules. The file must be a haskell .hs file containing a module, 
like the following example (file is named SimpleModule.hs). Once correctly loaded, the content of the file will be "in scope" and you will be able to propose the functions 
contained in the file as new rules (in this example, you will be able to propose myRule).
Additionally, your file will appear as a link on the left hand side on the main page.
Warning, files uploaded here cannot be overwritten. If your uploaded file contains a mistake,
re-upload it with a different name (a version number suffixed for example) or ask the administrator to delete it.
module SimpleModule where
import Prelude
import Language.Nomyx
myRule :: RuleFunc
myRule = voidRule $ outputAll helperFunction
helperFunction :: String
helperFunction = "Hello"
Upload new rules file:
File uploaded successfully!

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