The game where you can change the rules


The game

Nomyx is a unique game where you can change the rules of the game itself, while playing it! In fact, changing the rules is the goal of the game. Changing a rule is considered as a move. Of course even that can be changed! The players can submit new rules or modify existing ones, thus completely changing the behaviour of the game through time. The rules are managed and interpreted by the computer. They must be written in the Nomyx language, based on Haskell. This is the first complete implementation of a Nomic game on a computer.

At the beginning, the initial rules are describing:
  • How to add new rules and change existing ones. For example a unanimity vote is necessary to have a new rule accepted.
  • How to win the game. For example you win the game if you have 5 rules accepted.
But of course even that can be changed!

How to play?

The game is played online here.
Current status:
June 2017: Nomyx in ZuriHac!
March 2017: Nomyx V1.0 is out!
Nomyx Beta 7 (Space Merchants) has been archived. Nomyx V1.0 will be out around January 2017!

Archived games:
ZuriHac2017: first match
ZuriHac2017: second match
The Castle Builders
Space Merchants


If you want to run Nomyx at home (instead of using the public instance above): The software is available on Hackage.
The development version is available on GitHub.


If you wish to hack on Nomyx, join us on the development mailing list!


See the changelog.